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Plumbing issues can be a major headache for homeowners, especially when it comes to dealing with busted pipes. Unfortunately, these problems are often unavoidable and require professional attention in order to repair them correctly. 

When faced with a plumbing emergency such as broken pipes, the first thing you should do is shut off the water supply at your home’s main valve. It should be located by the street next to your driveway. (Don't stick your hand in there. Be careful about Black widow spiders. They like to make nest in water meters.) By turning off the water supply, this will help prevent further damage from occurring while you wait for an experienced plumber to arrive and assess the situation. 

Once the Handyman Hotline arrives on site, we will inspect all of your piping systems in order to determine where exactly the problem is located and what type of repairs need to be done. Depending on how extensive or complex the issue may be, this could involve replacing old pipe sections with new ones; repairing existing sections; installing additional fixtures like faucets; or adding insulation around exposed pipes that have been damaged due to freezing temperatures during winter months. In any case, the goal here is to repair everything so that it works properly without causing future problems down line. We always pressure test everything.

At times, repairs may also involve excavation work if underground lines are affected. If this happens then expect some extra time spent since more preparation has been required before any actual work can begin. Your technician will explain every step involved throughout process so there's no surprises along way!  

In conclusion, when dealing with busted plumbing pipes its best left handled by professionals who know what they're doing! Taking care of minor repairs yourself might seem tempting but remember - one wrong move could end up costing much more than originally anticipated!

The busted pipes can be challenging that is for sure. However, the most pressing concern is the damage caused by the busted pipes. We can also help you repair the drywall, vacuum up the water, re-paint and deliver a complete turn-key job for you. It can be as simple as just running a few fans and dehumidifiers to pulling up the carpet or floor covering. What is important is that you want to dry out everything completely. That will ensure no future water damage will occur and no mold will start to grow. Now mold is a four letter word that has caused fear in homeowners and landlords. But I'm hear to tell you- don't stress. As long as you dry up everything completely you will not have any problems. Also, common vinegar and baking soda will kill mold.

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