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Affordable Plumbing Repairs  


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Plumbing can be a major headache for homeowners, especially when it comes to dealing with busted pipes. Unfortunately, these problems are often unavoidable and require professional attention in order to repair them correctly. Your plumbing is comprised of three interrelated systems:

  • The water supply

  • The sewer system

  • The venting system​​

Your home's plumbing gets used day in and day out. Consequentially, things break after much use. Same holds true for your plumbing. The only problem is when your plumbing breaks down your house can flood or raw sewage can spill out into the floor. This causes property damage and creates a very unsafe condition. As a homeowner, this can be a nightmare.

When faced with a plumbing emergency such as busted pipes, the first thing you should do is shut off the water supply at your home’s main valve. It should be located by the street next to your driveway. (Don't stick your hand in there. Be careful about Black widow spiders. They like to make nest in water meters.) By turning off the water supply, this will help prevent further damage from occurring while you wait for an experienced plumber to arrive and assess the situation. 

Once the Handyman Hotline arrives on site, we will inspect all of your plumbing systems in order to determine where exactly the problem is located and what type of repairs need to be done.

Quick Tip

One way for you to check for yourself if you have a leak in your water supply system is at your water meter in the ground. Raise the lid and you will find a small little red wheel. If it is spinning that is an indication that you have a leak somewhere in your house. If it is stationary then your good to go.


                                            WE DO ALL KINDS OF PLUMBING REPAIRS

  • Busted pipes

  • Hot water tank replacement 

  • Kitchen faucet replacement

  • Bathroom faucet replacement

  • New toilet installs

  • Unclog sinks and drains

  • Walk in shower conversions

Please reach out to us today. We are eager to help you with all of your plumbing needs.

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