About the Handyman Hotline

The Handyman Hotline is a full service property repair and emergency maintenance company. Our mission is to provide our customers the very best level of care and service in our industry.

We were established in 2008 with a dedicated team of over 50 years combined experience in the field of property maintenance and repairs. Our trusted staff is dedicated to bringing you the best value in your repair and maintenance budget.

What is it that makes a good company a great company. It's employees of course. We have hand selected the very best in the skilled trades to provide a competent solution to your repair needs. Basically we don't create a mountain out of a mole hill. That commitment saves you time, money and hassle. We understand you work hard for your money so we will work hard for you.

The Handyman Hotline based in Etowah,TN proudly serves Athens, TN and the surrounding areas. From the Lost Sea in Sweet water, to the train rides at the Etowah Depot , from fishing at Watts Bar in Decatur to rafting on the Hiwasee river in Delano, we want to thank-you for visiting our site.  All of us are very blessed to live and work in a community that still believes in family, kindness and serving the lord. We look forward to working with you in the future. Rember "Don't Fuss, Call Us"

Rocky Snider

Handyman Hotline


From Regional Park in Athens, TN to the L&N Depot in Etowah,TN


To the Lost Sea in Sweetwater, TN to the Hiwassee river in Delano


Lake Weiss in Decatur and 10 Mile to B0-water in Riceville and Calhoun


Can't leave out Niota, Englewood, Madisonville , and the fine folks in Benton